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Based in Philadelphia & NYC | Where whispered stories meet soulful artistry

Different stages of your life deserve to be documented as amazing as the big moments


Forget orchestrated scenes and forced smiles

Here, in the hushed whispers of your own sanctuary, we paint portraits of vulnerability and self-love, where your authentic beauty shines brighter than any spotlight.

Step in front of a lens that sees and celebrates you as your most authentic self—and walk away with alluring images that make for the perfect gift…or an empowering for-your-eyes-only heirloom. Think of this one as a serious step up from a treat-yourself spa day.


Your essence, not just your image

I'm not just a photographer; I'm your confidante, guiding you through a journey of self-discovery where every shadow becomes a masterpiece, every curve a celebration of your unique goddess.

An exquisite marvel, the very essence of life's creation. You are a goddess glowing from deep within. Embracing this voyage into motherhood — celebrating the becoming of your first, second, third, fourth…—let's capture these moments for the ages.

Bridal Dea

Beyond the filtered facade

We shed the masks and embrace the raw, the real, the you that shimmers beneath the surface. These portraits are testaments to your soul, whispers of your story etched in timeless light.

There are limitless ways to do bridal boudoir, with many outcomes. Gifting a thoughtfully crafted album for your partner on the wedding day, or consider a captivating getting ready session—perfect for a cherished first-anniversary gift, just to name a few.

Lovers' Embrace

Let your radiance ignite

Whether you crave the sun-kissed intimacy of your home studio or the whispered secrets of a moonlit cityscape, I'm your artistic accomplice, weaving tales of confidence and empowerment in every frame.

Slow down and savor the simple pleasures of being in each other’s arms. With these photographs, like whispered secrets, crystallize the essence of your shared adventures, preserving the intimacy of your bond in a keepsake that's yours to treasure.

In this world of curated images, HEARTMORE ARTISTRY unfolds your unique story. Every laugh line, every teardrop, your vulnerability, a masterpiece. I don't chase perfection, I capture the raw diamond that is you, radiating in stunning intimate portraits. 

Hi, I am Roza!

Your light-catcher, weaving stories on film across Philadelphia, NYC, and wherever the sun beckons. I don't photograph faces, I capture souls. Not airbrushed narratives, but raw, vulnerable beauty – the sunlight on your skin, the laughter in your eyes, the gentle power in your touch. My studio (or that hidden Parisian alley) is your sanctuary, where societal masks melt and goddesses rise. More than portraits, it's a self-love revolution. Ready to unveil your radiance?

"You have a one of a kind gift to offer to this world, and you are unique in the entire history of creation."

— Wayne Dyer



There's an extraordinary thrill in freezing the essence of a singular moment in your life—crafting the magnificence of fleeting instances into timeless portraits, forever preserving your memories. For those desiring an intimate portrait photography experience filled with creative exploration, a touch of vulnerability and softness, and a journey to encapsulate your essence—let's spark that connection.