—  A.D. Posey —



It is the one thing that truly makes us move and provides meaning to our life. Whether it is something that we do for ourselves, our partners, or our children, love moves us forward.

I desire to serve you images that embody you and express your essence in a radiant, authentic, and eternal way. Withstanding all time as your memories are passed down.

As humans, it is imperative to us to know our history, where we come from, and the stories of how we got to where we are. That is why it is my mission to capture life’s greatest moments. All these memories tell stories that will be passed down to generations to come.

About Roza

fun facts

I am obsessed with Fashion. I have graduated with a Fashion Design degree from Parsons School of Design. It is still my dream to become a well known fashion designer.


I love the sea, the ocean, and the water (and nature in general). I always grew up near the sea and even now I live by the ocean. It brings me joy and whenever I get the chance I like to walk on the beach, listening to the waves.

I am a huge animal lover. If I could I would have a whole farm but no space for all the fellas in a NYC apartment. I do have two adorable fur balls that I have adopted with my husband. He loves telling the story of how that went down. 

Meet Vasya (tuxedo boy) and Luna (tabby girl).


Where there is love there is life 

Mahatma Gandhi

about you

You always put Love & Family first

You are a wild soul and enjoy Voyage & Adventure

 You live for Fashion and not afraid of being Bold

You love to escape to the Nature and take your time to Relax

kind words

When is the last time you cried looking at photos? This collection shot by Roza Goltser Photography brought me to tears. As soon as I saw them my heart was touched with such love, warmth, and happiness, and I couldn’t tell by looking at them that we were freezing cold! We had such an amazing time working with Roza and we’re extremely thankful for her skills in capturing these moments beautifully. Thank you so much, lovely!!

 Mandy & Ken